Let's Get Free Latest Maytech ESK8 Wireless Waterproof Remote with Screen

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(Add any 5pcs motors and the remote in your cart. The remote will be free  automatically.)

Check more details of the Free Remote: 

Optional Motors:

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1)  MTO6355-200-HA , 200KV, Open Cover with 8mm Shaft

2)  MTO6365-200-HA , 200KV, Open Cover with 8mm Shaft

3)  MTO6374-190-HA , 190KV, Open Cover with 8mm Shaft

4)  MTO6355-170-HA-C , 170KV, Sealed Cover with 8mm Shaft

5)  MTO6365-170-HA-C , 170KV, Sealed Cover with 8mm Shaft

6)  MTO6374-170-HA-C , 170KV, Sealed Cover with 8mm Shaft

7)  MTO6365-170-HA-C2 , 170KV, Sealed Cover with 10mm Shaft

8)  MTO6374-170-HA-C2 , 170KV, Sealed Cover with 10mm Shaft

9)  MTO6396-190-HA-C3 , 190KV, Sealed Cover with 10mm Shaft

10)  MTO6880-190-HA-C3 , 190KV, Sealed Cover with 10mm Shaft

(Motor stock is limited, if the motor is in stock, it will be arranged asap. If not, the lead time is about 20-40 days. please contact us before order if you need it urgently. Emial us: shelly@mayrc.com)

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