Mayrc MR-PETG 3D Printing Materials 1.75 mm Cost-effective Printer Consumables White 1kg 10kg 3D Printer Filament

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Mayrc MR-PETG 3D Printing Materials 1.75 mm Cost-effective Printer Consumables White 1kg 10kg 3D Printer Filament


Model No


Cable Net Weight




Nozzle Temperature


Bed Temp


Print Speed



Glass,PEI Film or Coating PVP Glue  

Cooling fan speed


Cable Size



High gloos

Recommended support material


Recommended Nozzle Diameter


Raft separation distance


Retraction distance


Retraction speed

1800-3600 mm/min


Notice:The bonding between MR-Tough-PET and the PC bottom plate is very strong. When printing a larger bottom surface, the distance between the first layer of the model and the bottom plate can be appropriately adjusted.

Product Description:

PETG is a 3D printing material with excellent comprehensive performance, not easy to draw, low warpage, stable size, and very cost-effective

MR-PETG 3D Printing Materials

Product Advantages:

1.Balanced mechanical properties

PETG has excellent toughness and strength, and the mechanical properties in the XYZ axis direction are very close, and there is no anisotropy

2.Excellent heat resistance

PETG has a heat distortion temperature above 70 degrees Celsius, which can replace PLA in applications where a certain degree of heat resistance is required

3.High light transmittance

Thanks to PETG being a non-crystalline copolyester, its products have excellent optical properties, and the light transmittance is close to that of acrylic. Combined with excellent heat resistance. PETG is very suitable for the application of luminous characters industry

Material Properties:


Testing method

Typical value


ISO 1183

1.24 g/cm³

Glass tansition temperature

ISO 11357


Melt index

220℃, 2.16kg


Determination of temperature

ISO 75: Method A

68℃ (1.80MPa)

ISO 75: Method B

72℃ (0.45MPa)

Tensile strength(X-Y)

ISO 527

31±0.5 MPa

Young’s modulus(X-Y)


Elongation at break (X-Y)

2.0±0.1 %

Bending strength (X-Y)

ISO 178

51.8±1.5 MPa

Bending modulus (X-Y)

1990±89 MPa

Charpy impact strength (X-Y)

ISO 179


Specimens printed under the following conditions: Nozzle temp 300°C, Bed temp 80℃, Print speed 45mm/s, Infill 100%, Infill angle ±45°

Pink 1.75mm diamater 1kg/roll print materials


The typical values presented in this data sheet are intended for reference and comparison purposes only. They should not be used for design specifications or quality control purposes. Actual values may vary significantly with printing conditions. End- use performance of printed parts depends not only on materials, but also on part design, environmental conditions, printing conditions, etc. Product specifications are subject to change without notice.

Each user is responsible for determining the safety, lawfulness, technical suitability, and disposal/recycling practices of Mar materials for the intended application. Mar makes no warranty of any kind, unless announced separately, to the fitness for any use or application. Mar shall not be made liable for any damage, injury or loss induced from the use of Mar materials in any application.


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