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Maytech Efoil Kit MTI65162 Motor + 300A Water-cooled ESC + MTSKR1905WF V2 Remote Electric Foil Surfboard Hydrofoil Kit

Maytech Efoil Kit MTI65162 Motor + 300A Water-cooled ESC + MTSKR1905WF V2 Remote Electric Foil Surfboard Hydrofoil Kit

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Kit Includes:

  • 1pcs MTI65162-SF motor with free propeller

  • (Motor can be replaced with: 120KV/190KV screw shaft without propeller)

  • 1pcs MTSF300A-OPTO 300A Water-cooled ESC with progcard

  • 1pcs MTSKR1905WF remote


Product Details:

1. Maytech MTI65162-SF Fully Waterproof Motor with Propeller

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1.1 Main Advantage

  • Fully water-proof, IP68;
  • Rust-prevention, can be used in sea water, salt water, rivers, lakes, etc.;
  • With roller bearing for longer life span, more thrust power;
  • With ceramic ring waterseal technology, better water-proof performance than oil-sealed;
  • Shaft, KV, motor cables can be customized.

1.2 Specification 

Model No. MTI65162-SF Motor Type Inrunner Motor
Waterproof IP68 KV(RPM/V) 100
Max. Current 300A Input Volt 6-20S
Max. Output Watt 9.8KW Rated Power 8.9KW
Idle Current @8.4V 1.5A Max. Torque 10N.m
Motor Weight 2850g Shaft 12mm
Motor Dimension Φ65x 162mm Stator Dimension Φ61x 100mm
Hall Sensor No  Propeller 7.5*7 inch



1.3 Motor Drawing

  • The motor has 2 types of shaft, splined shaft and screw shaft.

  • Splined shaft motor is 100KV with 7.5*7 inch splined propeller.

  • Screw shaft motor is 120KV and 190KV, propeller is not included.

  • In the Efoil kit is matched with 100KV Splined shaft with Propeller.

Splind Shaft Motor with Propeller

Screw Shaft Motor without Propeller


2. Maytech MTSF300A-OPTO Water-cooled 300A ESC with Progcard

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2.1 Main Advantages

  • With aluminum case and water cooling tube;
  • Low voltage cut off protection;
  • Over-heat protection;
  • Lost throttle signal protection;
  • Programmable.

2.2 Specification

Model No. MTSF300A-OPTO Waterproof No
Cont. Current 300A Max. Current 1000A
Input Volt 6-14S UBEC No
Water-cooling Yes Power Cable 8AWG
Weight 675g Programmable Yes, with Progcard

3. Maytech MTSKR1905WF V2 IP67 Fully Waterproof Remote

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3.1 Main Advantage

  • Nano coating waterproof technology; reliable water-proof performance;
  • Comptible with V4, V6 and other ESC controllers;
  • Display Screen: OLED color;
  • Wireless charging;
  • Remote display parameters: throttle percentage, remote battery &main battery voltage, motor RPM; if use it with VESC controllers, it can show current, temperature, etc.;
  • Solid signal: Remote and receiver signal strength is enhenced to avoid some signal interference nearby;
  • Built-in 30V 3A Relay mechanical switch and 20V 2A transistor electronics switch for lights, water pump;
  • Firmware is wirelessly upgradable.

3.2 Specification

Model No. MTSKR1905WF Waterproof IP67
Charging Wireless Charging Display
128x64 OLED Screen
Display Parameters  Throttle and Battery Voltage Relay Mechanical Switch 30V 3A
Electronic 20V 2A Transistor Frequency 2.4 GHz Wireless
Cruise Control Yes(Esurf Mode) Compatible ESC
V4 $ V6 VESC & Other ESC Controller


3.3 Details

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