Electric Surfboard Fin Electric SUP Fin Stand Up Paddle Board Electric Fin Waterproof Brushless Underwater Motor Thruster

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Product Version MTEP12 MTEP16 MTEP24
Voltage 12V 16V 24V
Power 600W 1000W 1500W
Thrust Range 0-20 pounds 0-28 pounds 0-28 pounds
Continuous current 60A
Work temperature  -10~25℃
Speed 4-6km/h, Max 6km/h 4-8km/h,Max 8km/h 4-12km/h, Max 12km/h
Thruster size 240*240*90mm
Thruster weight Thruster 1200g, Remote control 400g
Recommended battery pack MTLB1240 12V/40AH MTLB1640 16V/40AH


Battery case size (IP68 waterproof rating) 250*210*120mm 335*310*125mm 335*310*125mm
Battery case material Nylon fiber
Battery life Top speed 1 hour, low speed 2-4 hours.
Battery case(with battery) weight 3500g 4500g 6400g


1. Board Appearance

2. Instruction: How to remove and install battery cover?

3. Instruction: How to set speed mode (4 different speed)?

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