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MAYRC 2822 1400KV 1800KV 2600KV 2-3S Brushless Outrunner Motor for RC Fixed Wing/Airplanes/Helicopters/UAV

MAYRC 2822 1400KV 1800KV 2600KV 2-3S Brushless Outrunner Motor for RC Fixed Wing/Airplanes/Helicopters/UAV

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MAYRC 2822 1400KV 1800KV 2600KV 2-3S Brushless Outrunner Motor for  RC Fixed Wing/Airplanes/Helicopters/UAV


Model: MTO2822-G
KV: 1400KV /1800KV /2600KV
Shaft: Ф3.17mm
Max. Current: 14.8A /16.6A /24A
Input Volt: 2-3S Li-Po
Net Weight (g): 43
Stator Size: Ф22.0X4.0
Motor Size: Ф27.8x25.2
Thurst (g): 550 /660 /850


Main features:

1. Anti-oxidation and corrosion, motor case is made of 7075 ALLOY, light and high strength. With blaster and black hard anodized, prevent from oxidation and corrosion.
2. Quiet and anti-vibration, use Japanese NSK/NMB ball bearing.
3. Good dynamic balance, each rotor is balanced in production.
4. Anti-corrosion shaft: SS316 stainless steel shaft, can work in sea water (waterproof motor).
5. High power density, high torque, high efficiency, high RPM, ETC.
6. Working temperature -60℃ to 150℃, H-gradehigh temperature and high insulation copper wire is used in each motor.
7. High magnet strength, temperature limit to 150℃.
8. Water-cooling and water-proof version can be selected. Water-cooling motor, the slots are put in the motor can, the water can flow in the slot to radiate heat.
9. Water-proof motor can dip and work in 1 meter deep water (waterproof motor).
10. Hall sensor and sensorless version can be customized according to clients' application requirements. Hall sensor motor have hall sensor pcb to indicate the rotor position, make a smooth startup. Sensorless motor detect rotor position by the back electromotive force.
11. 100% QC test in production line and warehouse delivery. Only qualified ESCs are arranged for delivery.


Airplane, RC Airplane, 3D flying, RC Hobby Applications ,Sport Flying, Aggressive Aerobatics, Helicopter, Racing Airplane, ROV, ROVEEE, Remote Operated Vehicle, Underwater Robot, Underwater Robotics, Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles, Subsea Robots, Cablecam, Broadcast, IBC2019, Ultra Drones, etc.

Warranty Service:

1: 6 months Free warranty;
2: Need to send product damage test video or photor. If it can be repaired, please send it to MAYRC store engineer for repair. Shipping costs for damaged products to MAYRC store are borne by the Buyer and shipping costs of damaged products to the Buyer shall be borne by MAYRC store.

All products had been double checked and tested one by one before shipment, only if the products are working normally would be shipped out. 

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