MAYRC 8085 160KV Sealved Cover Sensored Motor for Motorized Mountianboard Longboard Wheeled Robot

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MAYRC 8085 160KV Sealved Cover Sensored Motor for Motorized Mountianboard  Longboard Wheeled Robot


Model: MTO8085-160-HA-C
KV: 160
Idle Current: 0.8A
Rated Current: 90A
Max. Current: 64A
Input Volt: 11.1-60V
Max. Output Watt: 5330W
Max. Pull:  15500g
Resistance: 0.028
Weight: 1115g
Shaft: 12mm with 3mm keyway,output 44mm 



KV can be customized if you want to other KV


Electric skateboard, mountainboard, combat robots, fighting robots, electric vehicles, electric bike, etc.

These MTO8085-160-HA-C Electric motors are the bigger version of MTO6374-HA-C, the super popular and are great for those that want more torque from the longer magnets and don't worry about the increased weight if ripping it on off road boards.  They are reasonably priced and reliable motors. They have been refined over the time and are now called "Battle Hardened" this means the magnets are epoxy glued to the case for extra durability from impacts and vibration. The bearings on the motor shaft have grown bigger to be stronger.  The sensors are fixed securely and the temp sensor gives a good accurate reading for low temps for a almost sealed motor.

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