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MAYRC Kit 100A VESC Speed Controller 6374 150KV Brushless Motor Wireless Remote for Eletric Foil Surfing

MAYRC Kit 100A VESC Speed Controller 6374 150KV Brushless Motor Wireless Remote for Eletric Foil Surfing

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MAYRC Kit 100A VESC Speed Controller 6374 150KV Brushless Motor Wireless Remote for Eletric Foil Surfing


 Model No. MTSPF60100 MTO6374-150-WPC MTSKR1905WF
With Aluminum Case Heatsink Fin 250
Cont. Current 100A Ф8.0
Input Volt. 11.1-50V 60A
Hardware Based on V6.0 6-14S Li-Po
Firmware Upgradable 522
Software VESCTOOL Compatible Ф53.0 x 35.0
FOC YES; Better than V4.12 Ф63.0 x 62.0
Compatible motor Sensor or sensorless 11500
Weight(g) 100g 860g
RPM/V/Max RPM 150/8000
Idle Current@10V Idle Current@10V
Rated Current/Max Current (A) 60A/70A
Working Voltage 20-50V
Rated/Max Torque(N*M) 3/4N.m
Max Power(10S) 3.5KW
Winding Turns/Construction 12N/14P
Motor&Shaft Size(mm) 63x 74mm
Max Voltage detection range 5-80V ±5%
Hall/Motor phase wire RPM detection range 0-80000 ERPM Relay
Switch Max current 3A
Transistor switch max current 2A; VESC communication protocol
Fully Waterproof Yes
Display Screen Yes
Display Parameters Voltage, remote & battery power, signal strength, distance,RPM
Frequency 2.4GHZ
Mode Esk8/Esurf
Wireless Charging Yes
Accessories Receiver, strape, 3pcs Dupont cable, Wireless charging pad


MTSPF60100 Main Features:

1:Firmware upgradable ▶VESCtool compatible speed controller;
2:Soft-switching to reduce the losses in power electronic switches;
3:Adjustable Forward/Backward/Brake;
4:Configurable RPM, Current, Voltage and Power limits;
5:With 5V and 12V external power supply interfaces, no interference caused when powering analog circuits such as twist/thumb throttles.
6:Regenerative Braking Function;
7:Separation of low power electronics from the high power electronics, make it more reliable;
8:Support PPM, Analog (ADC), UART, Canbus input;
【With water-cooled tubes;
【CNC aluminum alloy heat dissipation case with fin, optional water cooling system and forced air cooling system;
9:Communicate with Maytech waterproof remote controller. More parameters can be displayed on remote controller, such as main power voltage, motor rpm, current/amps, motor rpm,motor temperature, speed controller/ESC temperature. Users do not need to solder motor cable to receiver to display the main power and motor rpm, which greatly protect the receiver.


Customize : Yes,
logo,kv,cover,shaft,cable,connector,all can be customized,contact us for more details.


Foil Assist System, electric Jetsurf/Surfjet/Skidaddle/boat/sportboats/Wakesurfing/hydrofoilsurfing/SurfScoote/Sup Board, E Foiling, Foil surfing, Water Sport Kayak , DIY VeFoil Kit, etc.

MTSKR1905WF PWM signal Range:

1. Esurf mode:
Zero position: 1ms;
Throttle button: 1-2ms, max throttle is 2ms; Brake button has no PWM signal output.

2. Esk8 mode:
ZERO position: 1.5ms;
Throttle button: 1.5-2ms, max throttle is 2ms;
Brake button: 1.5-1ms, max brake is 1ms.

Tips of Usage:

1. Wash the remote in freshwater after using in salt water.
2. The remote PCB is sealed by waterproof nano-coating and double protected by glue. The remote screen is sealed by waterproof nano-coating, not glue. When use it in water, water will get in between the outside and inside screens. It won't influence using. When you don't use it, please put it in dry place and it will dry slowly.
3. When charge the remote, please keep remote dry.
4. Receiver is not waterproof. Please put receiver in dry place.
5. Because each customer using situation is different, some customers may need replace the antenna with longer one . If you mount the reciever deep in your board, recommend to change to a long 2.4ghz antenna and lead the antena near to your top cover of your board for better signal.
6. When soldering, please pay attention that the two pins do not touch each other, otherwise it is easy to burn the receiver.
7. The extended antenna 1m and 3m PCBs are not waterproof.

MTSKR1905WF Note:

Now on sale is the MTSKR1905 remote control upgrade
Advantages of upgrade:
1:The signal of the upgraded version will be more stable.
2:The upgraded version uses magnetic filling glue, which can prevent rust and corrosion.

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