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MAYRC Kit 200A Waterproof VESC IP68 Remote 65162 70182 85165 100KV 200KV Brushless Motor and Drivers for E-foil Jetsurf

MAYRC Kit 200A Waterproof VESC IP68 Remote 65162 70182 85165 100KV 200KV Brushless Motor and Drivers for E-foil Jetsurf

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MAYRC Kit 200A Waterproof VESC IP68 Remote 65162 70182 85165 100KV 200KV Brushless Motor and Drivers for E-foil Jetsurf


Model 1:MTSPF7.12K-WP
Input Volt:18-75V
If do not use brake, can use max to 75V, if use brake, please use no exceed 50V.
PCB Size:92*52*22mm
Hardware:Based on V75_300 Firmware Updatable Yes
Case Size:As picture
Net Weight:130g/pcs
Feature:12pcs mosfets; 8-layer PCB; separate high current components and low-curent components to two PCBs; etc
Application:Efoil, electric hydrofoil, foilboard, SUP board, underwater scooter, foil assist system, outboard, sea scooter, hydrofoil bike, etc.


MTSPF7.12K-WP electric speed controller by engineers handmade waterproofing process,the process time after order confirmation is about 10-15 working days.

Please extend the delivery date to 15 days after placing the order, thank you.

Model 2 :MTI65162-100-SF
KV: 100
Waterproof: IP68
RPM/V/Max RPM:100/14300
Idle Current:1.6A
Rated Current:240
Max Current (A):310
Rated/Max Torque(N*M):7/9.0N*M
Max Power:9.1KW
Winding Turns/Construction:4T/18N/6P
Motor&Shaft Size(mm):65x 162mm&12mm
Shaft: Threaded shaft
Pole Number: 18N6P
Input Voltage: 25-126V
Cable Length: 1.3m
Connector: 8.0mm gold-plated male connector
Customize: Logo, cable length, connector, cover, shaft, etc., contact us

Model 3:MTI70182-100-SF
RPM/V/Max RPM:100/12350
Idle Current@10V:2.0A
Rated Current/Max Current (A):120A/150
Working Voltage:35-118V
Rated/Max Torque(N*M):10.8/13.5N*M
Max Power(10S):9KW
Winding Turns/Construction:3T/12N/10P
Motor&Shaft Size(mm):Φ70x 182mm&12mm
Net Weight (kg):3.1

Model 4 :MTI85165-200-WP
KV : 200KV, KV can be Customized
Product Name: Fully Waterproof Brushless Motor Sensored &Sensorless Motor
Waterproof Rank: IP68 Waterproof
Water-cooled: No
Max Current: 300A
Max Output Watt: 15000W
Rated Power: 9.5KW
Input Volt: 50-84V (8S-16S lipo)
Max Torque: 15.5N.m
Cable Length:1.2m

Model 5:MTI85165-200-SF
KV: 200KV, KV can be customized, contact us
Input Voltage: 6-12S Lipo (25V-50V) for 200KV
Max Power: 10.5KW
Waterproof: WP version is waterproof, SF version is watercooled
Hall Sensor: Without
Temp Sensor: With NTC10k Thermistor
Cooling Way:
Waterproof version: by water, the motor need to work directly in water for cooling
Watercooled version: through cooling tube by water pressure or water pump
Shaft: Keyway Shaft (waterproof version); Screw Shaft (watercooled version)

Model 6:MTSKR1905WF
Application:Esk8, Mountainboard, Esurf, Efoil,boat, etc
Max Voltage detection range: 5-80V ±5%
Hall/Motor phase wire RPM detection range: 0-80000 ERPM Relay
Switch Max current: 3A;
Transistor switch max current: 2A; VESC communication protocol
Fully Waterproof:Yes
Display Screen:Yes
Display Parameters:Voltage, remote & battery power, signal strength, distance,RPM
Wireless Charging:Yes
Accessories:Receiver, strape, 3pcs Dupont cable, Wireless charging pad

MTSPF7.12K-WP Notice:

1:Never connect one reclever to two or more V6/V75 based SUPERFOC ESCs or VESCs in an 1:array! Permanent damage may result from Y-PPM wiring.
2:Only connect CAN L and CAN H ! GND pins and 5V should never be connected in a V6/V75 based SUPERFOC ESCs or VESC array.
3:The waterproof process is our engineer manually make, the process time is about 10-15 working days after order confirmed.

Recommend Set in VESCTOOL:

Motor Current Max: ≤200A (According to your motor current)
Absolute Maximum Current: 250A (According to your motor current)
Battery Current Max: ≤100A (According to your battery discharge current)

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