MAYRC Folding Carbon and Plastic Mixed 40x16Inch Propeller for XP2020 Helicopter

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Model: MTCG4016JFS
Blade type: Fold blade
Paddle aperture: 12mm
Material: Carbon and plastic mixed materials
Color: black
Size:  40x16inch CW and CCW in Pair Blade tip up
Weight: 158g/ blade
Application: XP2020



1. The blades have passed precise dynamic balance inspection, and the flight noise is low;
2. High aerodynamic efficiency, low power consumption, improve battery life;
3. Light and strong pulling force, and excellent balance;
4. Suitable for DJI T20P,DJI T40 Drone plant protection drones, widely used for efficient plant protection or sowing operations for rice, corn, wheat, fruit trees, grassland, etc.


1.The size might have tolerance because of manual measurement.
2.please noted Actual product might looks a little different from the picture.Please subject to the physical products you received.

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