Maytech Fully Waterproof/Watercooled Brushless Inrunner Motor MTI120116 for Eletcirc Surfboard Hydrofoil Efoil Jetsurf Electric RC Boat Jetski

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Choose a sensored or sensorless motor?

Sensored version can be used not only for underwater application but also for electric skateboard, fighting robots, electric cars, etc.,

Sensorless version usually be used for underwater electric vehicles, electric surfboard, Efoil, hydrofoil, rc boat, water jet propulsion, etc.,

Product Details:

1. Main Advantage

  • Fully water-proof, IP68 (Water-proof version);
  • Rust-prevention, can be used in sea water, salt water, rivers, lakes, etc (Water-proof version);
  • With solid water-cooling tubes (Water-cooled version);
  • With rust-prevention screws;
  • Can be customized to use 200-300V high voltage application;
  • Shaft, KV, motor cables can be customized.

2. Specification

Model No. MTI120116 Motor Type Inrunner Motor
Hall Sensor Optional KV(RPM/V) 100/200
Max. Current 380A Input Volt 10-16S
Max. Output Watt 18.8KW Max. Torque at 60% 20.6N.m
Idle Current @8.4V 2.8A Internal Resistance 0.0322Ω
Construction 12N10P Shaft 15mm
Max Working Temperature 120 Insulation Volt & Leak Current AC500V/10MA/3S
Shaft Extension D15*L30 Brand Maytech

3. Motor Drawing

  • The motor has 2 versions, fully waterproof version and splash proof water-cooled version.

4. Production

Fully waterproof motor has upgraded to water-seal.

5. Application and Feedback

6. Tips

  • Flier ESC is not compatible with Maytech motors. Recommend Maytech ESC.

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