Maytech Speed Controller Fully Waterproof 300A ESC with Internal UBEC for Electric Surfboard Efoil Hydrofoil Boat

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Product Details: 

1. Main Advantages

  • Fully water-proof, IP68;
  • Can be used in sea water, salt water, rivers, lakes, etc.;
  • Receiver can be put inside the water-proof case, make it a water-proof receiver;
  • Over-heat protection;
  • Lost throttle signal protection;
  • Low voltage cut off protection;
  • Adjustable parameters: Battery type, Cut off voltage threshold, Motor timing, Motor rotation, Start up strength, Low voltage cut off type.

2. Specification

Model No. MTSF300A-WP Waterproof IP68
Cont. Current 300A Max. Current 1000A
Input Volt 25-58V (6-14S) UBEC 1pcs Built-in UBEC-75V
Water-cooling With Accessory Progcard
Receiver Internal/Without Programmable Yes


3. ESC Type

4. Product Details


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