Maytech MTSKR1905WF V2 Fully Waterproof IP68 Remote Control Wireless Charging LED Screen for ESK8 Electric Skateboard Surfboard Efoil Hydrofoil

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1. Main Advantages

  • Nano coating waterproof technology;
  • reliable water-proof performance;
  • Comptible with V4, V6 and other ESC controllers;
  • Display screen: OLED color;
  • Wireless charging;
  • Remote display parameters: throttle percentage, remote battery &main battery voltage, motor RPM; if use it with VESC controllers, it can show current, temperature, etc.;
  • Solid signal: Remote and receiver signal strength is enhenced to avoid some signal interference nearby;
  • built-in 30V 3A Relay mechanical switch and 20V 2A transistor electronics switch for lights, water pump;
  • Firmware is wirelessly upgradable.

2. Specification




IP66 double waterproof

Control mode

Esurf mode

Esk8 mode


Electric-surfboard/Efoil; Underwater control;


Throttle display



 Cruise control



 Speed display



 Travel distance




QC 2.0 Wireless 

Wireless frequency

2.4GHz wireless with 40 Channel

 Display screen

OLED Yellow and Blue

Voltage display

Remote and Main Battery Voltage Level(Lithium iron/lithium ion battery optional)


2 x High sensitivity triggers

Throttle output

PWM 1ms-2ms 100Hz

 Throttle output

PWM 1ms-2ms 100Hz

 Telemeter  Data by Recevicer

Motor RPM/Main Battery Voltage

 Telemeter  Data by VESC

ESC voltage/current/temperature/Motor temperature/RPM

Compatible ESCs


VESC control mode

Duty Cycle / Current Mode 

Receiver's built-in switches for esk8 lights, esurf water pump using, etc

1 x 20V 2A transistor electronics switch 

3. Product Details

4. Usage Tips

  • Wash the remote in freshwater after using in salt water.
  • After using and when charging, please keep the remote control dry.
  • The receiver is not waterproof, please keep the receiver away from water.
  • When soldering, please pay attention that the two pins do not touch each other, otherwise it is easy to burn the receiver.

5. Instruction Videos

1. Motor RPM display by MOTOR WIRE:

2. Motor RPM display by Hall Sensor:

3. Motor RPM display by VESC:

4. Esk8 mode with speed, current, distance, etc:

5. Adjust Current mode and Duty cycle mode by remote:

6. Connect to VESC or VESC based Controller:

7. Remote voltage display for Esk8 and Esurf:

8. Remote can control two switches for Esk8 light and Esurf pump:

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