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Maytech New MTSVESC6.0MINI 30A Mini VESC Based on V6 10S 42V for Robots RC Model Remote Control Lawn Mower Robot

Maytech New MTSVESC6.0MINI 30A Mini VESC Based on V6 10S 42V for Robots RC Model Remote Control Lawn Mower Robot

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Maytech New MTSVESC6.0MINI 30A Mini VESC Based on V6 10S 42V for Robots RC Model Remote Control Lawn Mower Robot

Product Details:

1. Specification

Model No. MTSVESC6.0MINI Software VESC_TOOL Compatible
Cont. Current 30A Max. Current 50A
Input Volt 42V (10S) Size 65mm*18mm
Firmware Updatable Hardware Based on V6
Weight 20g Compatible Motor Sensored & Sensorless

2. Product Details

Port definations:

1. USB port for programming: GND1/2, DP(Data postive), DM(Data Minus/Negative).

2. PPM port to connect PPM transceivers: GND1/2, PPM, +5V.

3. SWD port to get direct access to the Chipset. Diagnostics, debugging, and real time data: SWC(CLK), SWD(DIO), GND1/2, 5V.

4. COMM port for various kinds of other communication methods like I2C, ADC, Uart,You can use your Arduino or Raspberry Pi to control the VESC: A1(ADC1), A2(ADC2), TX, RX, GND1/2, 5V.

5. Sensor port for motor Hall sensors (ABI, HALL, magnetic precision encoders): 5V, TEMP, HAll1, Hall2, Hall3 GND.

(GND1 and GND2 are same, for above ports contains GND1/2, you can just select one to use).

Function overview

- The smallest VESC based controller on the market, with a size of only 18x65mm, can be used for miniaturized equipment, such as smart cars, micro robots, electric roller skates, drones, electric models, etc.

- Based on powerful VESC software and hardware, it supports PWM analog voltage UART and USB speed signal input. It supports sensored and sensorless brushless motors and brushed motors, and supports square wave and FOC modes.

- Support up to 10S lithium battery,over‐current/over‐temperature/over‐voltage protection.

- Support VESC_TOOL, UART is enabled by default in the factory firmware. It is recommended to connect VESC through the serial port of the host computer. If you need a USB connection, you can use the random adapter cable to connect.

- Recommended matching scheme: 6S lithium battery plus MTO2830 with Hall sensoredbrushless motor.


Electric roller skates, Smart cars, Electric mode cars/boat/tank, Micro robot arm, Fighting robots, Micro robots, Drones, etc.,

Hardware Overview:

- 4-layers 3OZ PCB, main power loop adds copper bars to reduce resistance.

- Use Swiss STM32F405RT6 to ensure strong computing power

- 3-channel independent driver chip LM5113SDE (WSON package 4mm*4mm) from American TI (Texas Instruments) company, can withstand 100V.

- 6pcs ON’s 60V/2.4 milliohm NTMFS5C628NLT1G MOSFET, DFN 5.5mm*6mm, theoretically each MOS can withstand 150A peak current.

- 3pcs Current Sense Resistor from CSS2H-2512R-L500, 0.5 milliohm copper-manganese alloy resistors, can withstand max 100A peak current.

- 3pcs Current Sense Amplifier from AD (Analog Devices) company, Model AD8417BRMZ, small size high accuracy, with low temperature drift coefficient.

- Main DC-DC chip is LMR16006 from American TI company, convert high voltage (Under 60V) to 5V, max output 0.6A.

- Slave DC-DC chip is MCP1700T-3302E/TT from Microchip company, convert 5V to 3.3V power for components.

- 56pcs 2u2 100V high voltage chip capacitor, with 123.2μf gross capacity.

3. Tips

  1. When you receive the VESC, please test without load and do not connect motor, first check if the VESC can successfully connect to your computer, if ok, then connect to motor and you can start to adjust parameters.
  2. Do not use switching power supply, the instant voltage when switching power supply connect to VESC is very high, which would easy damage the VESC. 
  3. Do not push the throttle too hard when test without load, gently and slowly speed up.
  4. Be cautious when adjust parameters, if parameters set mistake, would also easy damage the VESC.
  5. Please must remember to change to corresponding modes when you adjust parameters. For example, the VESC default mode is BLDC mode.If you want to detect FOC mode and adjusted FOC parameters, please change to FOC mode. Or the VESC would easy to burn. 
  6. For V6 in FOC mode, ERPM can't over 50000, otherwise driver IC would easy to be damaged.
    ERPM= motor pole pairs number * KV * Voltage
  7. If you use UART port, the wire better do not over 0.5m or even shorter, and better use Stranded wire. 


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